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Decreasing the Customer Acquisition Cost while
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integradsAutomate data collection
integradsUnify and segment customers

Ultimate No-Code Ad Personalization and Automation Software
for Increasing Conversion

data collection

Codeless Event Setup

Create no-code events such as any button clicks, form submissions or user searches, sizes, colors, coupon codes, favs etc for hyper personalization

data collection

Send Hyper Segmented Users

Integrads matches 100% of your website traffic with the Facebook/Instagram, Google, Criteo… and sends hyper targeted users directly to ad platforms via api; every day with full automation. Result?

Much more improved ad performances than ever before!

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User Analytics

Analyze user behaviors with beautiful dashboards, user funnels to undercover weak spots in your product.

Collect, prepare and analyze all your marketing data
with ease

data collection

Automate Marketing Data Consolidation

Just connect your marketing platforms. We do the rest. Such as instant historical data, auto-updates, metrics cleaning, normalization...

Start analyzing your marketing performance in one place.

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Codeless Transformation

Clean, group, map marketing data in seconds instead of days.Make your data business ready.

data collection

Automate Dashboard and Reporting

Powerful custom or ready-made dashboards with click of a button.
Setup auto-recurring reports for your colleagues.
Define goals, forecasts, detect anomalies as it happens.

Security at Integrads

Security at Integrads

Integrads is fully compliant with GDPR. All data is encrypted, monitored 24/7/365 and hosted by Amazon(Aws) in the EU.

No personal data is collected with our cookieless, anonymous tracking technology.

Customer Stories

Meltem Cebeci Meriç

Chief Business Unit Officer

Watch how Europe's one of the leading Telecom Operator TurkNet uses Integrads as a single source of truth

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